New Patient Center

What to Expect

1. Patient Forms

Our online forms are located above and (here). If you have not completed the patient forms before walking in the office, we will have them ready for you to complete. The patient forms provide our staff with a chance to know more about you, your health history, and current condition.

2. Consultation

Once the forms are filled out, you will have a consultation with Dr. Hernandez. It is imperative for Dr. Hernandez to learn about you, your condition, concerns, potential treatment options, and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your goals.

3. Examination

After your consultation, Dr. Hernandez will take you through a complete chiropractic examination that encompasses Neurological, Orthopedic, Postural, and Physical tests, as well as testing your reflexes and flexibility. It is important to remember that any testing or treatment done will never be done without your consent.

4. X-Ray Studies

At the end of your exam and depending on your condition, Dr. Hernandez may take X-Rays. X-Rays help us develop the most effective treatment plan that is specific to you! X-Rays give us a lot of information and can tell us of any misalignments, degeneration, and many more conditions that we need to be conscious about during treatment, that may otherwise have been left unseen. We strive to not guess when it comes to your health.

5. Relief Treatment

To complete your initial appointment, it is your choice to experience your first treatment. This treatment is very light and if there are any questions or concerns please express them as we strive for you to not only believe in Chiropractic care but understand it as well.

6. Report of Findings

Dr. Hernandez will provide the best treatment and wellness program for your needs. Together we walk through this report of findings by reviewing your health history, current condition, exam and X-Ray findings, treatment goals, and recommendations.

Dr. Hernandez will also answer any question you may still have including:

  • How can you help me?
  • How often do I need to come in?
  • How long will it take?
  • What will the treatment cost?

Report of Findings will be presented on the second day. This gives Dr. Hernandez time to study your X-Rays, Health History, and Examinations.